The Newcastle People's Chorus

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logo The People's Chorus is a union choir with an emphasis on social justice and workers' rights. Its members combine these concerns with a love of singing.

New members are always welcome. We don't have auditions; we consider that enthusiasm is more important than technical training. If you think you might be interested, contact us, or just turn up to one of the Monday night rehearsals and introduce yourself.

The Chorus is now over 30 years old and has grown from a small group to a choir with considerable confidence. Our fourth recording, a CD called "Unity in Song", was released in 2020. In the past the Chorus has toured the UK and New Zealand. You can see the Chorus performing in Newcastle throughout the year, as well as two or three times each year in other locations around the country, for example at folk festivals and other celebrations or causes. We have strong links with other union choirs around Australia, which leads to "combined choirs" performances roughly once a year.

Musically, the emphasis is on "a cappella" singing; that is, singing without backing instruments in three or four-part harmony. The repertoire of the Chorus ranges from traditional union songs like "Solidarity Forever", to songs in the Folk tradition such as "If I Were Free", to modern songs like "Power in a Union". The repertoire does of course vary over time, as new songs are introduced and others are retired.

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